Reduce the damaging losses from false breakouts...
...with the revolutionary "Breakout Timing Pyramid" used by professional traders to avoid false breakouts and boost risk-adjusted returns.
In 2017, we conducted a survey of breakout traders and asked them a simple question:

"When it comes to breakout trading, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem that you’ve been struggling with?”

398 traders from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia participated. The result?  

Traders from around the world confirm:
"False breakouts are the #1 challenge, pain and
frustration of breakout trading"
False breakouts were the most mentioned obstacle, exceeding any other breakout trading challenge by a long way.

These traders had different levels of trading experience. They traded different markets and different timeframes. They used different strategies, and different software. Yet, they were all experiencing the same, universal challenge again and again:

False breakouts.

Here are just a few examples from the survey (exactly as written by the participants): 
Quite frankly, reading the replies - I’m not surprised.

False breakouts are one of the most frustrating challenges to overcome in breakout trading.

What's the solution?
Reduce false breakouts quickly and easily using
the "Breakout Timing Pyramid"
Avoiding false breakouts is all about the timing. The more precise your timing is on entry, the less false breakouts you will experience.

But market timing can be really tricky.

It took me many years to formulate, analyze and test hundreds of different techniques for better timing.

After thousands of hours, I was able to isolate 12 of the most robust, powerful and universal techniques. And I structured them into 4 different levels, creating a pyramid of laser-focused timing.

I call it the 'Breakout Timing Pyramid'.
For each level of the Breakout Timing Pyramid, there are 3 powerful strategies to improve timing and dramatically reduce false breakouts.

Here's one example of a 5-minute improvement using one of my false breakout smashing techniques:  
This is only ONE technique. When applied, it shows an increase in Net Profit, Profit Factor, Average Trade and NetProfit to Drawdown Ratio. Plus, it does this while also producing lower Drawdowns.

Sure, this example is not a killer strategy that'll make you a millionaire overnight. But it's a great improvement to the quality of the trades. Now imagine what this technique could do for your own strategies!

And this isn't even my best technique.

Now imagine if you owned all 12 of my techniques - how much could your trading results potentially be improved?  
Introducing “Smashing False Breakouts” -
12 highly effective techniques to
reduce false breakouts in your trading strategies fast
These 12 cutting-edge techniques are the very best I’ve implemented into my own trading, including my hedge fund.

All you need to do is to take these 12 techniques, add them into your existing breakout trading strategies - and start reducing false breakouts almost instantly.

Here's what you'll discover in the Smashing False Breakouts course:
Module #1: Preparing to smash false breakouts
We want you get immediate results with this program, which is why we’ll start with: 
  • How to use this program so you can implement the techniques fast and see results immediately​,
  • What you need to know to understand each technique perfectly, so you can use these techniques in trading platform or market you trade,
  • ​An example breakout strategy we’ll use during the course to show you how all 12 techniques in this course can work for a single strategy. 
Module #2: General Timing
We've got a secret to share with you...

The General Timing module reveals a secret twist to a well-known trading technique that can make a HUGE difference in trading results - and most traders don't know about it! 

Plus, you'll discover how to switch from static to dynamic trading, and how to properly assess and leverage "higher picture" market behaviors to avoid false breakouts.
  • ​Technique #1 - Twisted DOW 
  • ​Technique #2 - Dynamic Twisted DOW
  • ​Technique #3 - Higher Picture Deployment
  • ​Technique #4 - HOD/LOD Timing 
  • ​Technique #5 - T-Segment Timing
  • ​Technique #6 - Trade Order and Entry Bar Quality Filtering
Module #3: System Timing
In this module you'll discover a technique that contains no optimization parameters, with zero risk of overfitting.

Plus, I'll share a favorite technique I've been using for years, which I test on any new trading strategy I develop, so you can use it too.

You'll also uncover how to implement better timing and the entry level, and how a simple change of order type can make a huge difference.
Module #4: Volatility Timing
Volatility is a hugely effective filter to smashing false breakouts - these techniques are SO powerful! 

In this module you'll discover my own proprietary volatility techniques (which I’m sharing for the very first time), to identify the exact types of volatility that produce the most false breakouts so you can avoid bad trades immediately.

These are completely unique techniques you won't find anywhere else.
  • ​Technique #7 - Volatility Bins 
  • ​Technique #8 - Dynamic Volatility Bins
  • ​Technique #9 - Adaptive Volatility Bins
  • ​Technique #10 - Market Quality Switch 
  • ​Technique #11 - Advanced Trade Management Hack
  • ​Technique #12 - Redirection
Module #5: Market Timing
In this module you'll discover some alternative techniques that most traders don't know how to apply correctly.

I'll show you a powerful way to detect trending vs non-trending market qualities so you only take the best trades.

You'll also uncover a trade management technique to cut losses much sooner, before your stoploss is hit, and a "must-do" step to boost your trading to higher levels for a smoother equity curve and more stable trading income.
Do these techniques actually work?
Look at these two examples from trader Alan, from the USA.

The first example shows how even a poor Lean Hogs strategy can transform into a great one with the 'Smashing False Breakout' techniques.

The second example, on the Crude Oil market, shows a pretty usual kind of improvement many students experience with this program, with a 37% increase in AvgTrade and a 33% improvement in NetProfit/MaxDD.
How did he do it? Watch this short video where Al explains...
Plus, for a limited time, when you join the Smashing False Breakouts program, you'll get these additional bonuses FREE ($1,191 value)
Bonus #1: ADR Technique ($197 value)
This is an extra powerful technique to smash false breakouts that adapts to the moves in the markets.

It's highly universal, easy to implement in under 5 minutes and comes with full open code and workspaces included.

You definitely want to have this one in your trading arsenal too!
Bonus #2: My best and most secret
"Multi-market breakout validation" technique ($497 value)
I have never - EVER - shared this technique before. This is an advanced technique, which, in the right hands, can turn your trading into gold. 

This technique is my most secret technique to smashing false breakouts, and is a completely new way of thinking and dealing with false breakouts.
*Note: I am probably a fool for sharing this technique and giving it out, but I really want you to succeed! 
Bonus #3: The exclusive Smashing False Breakouts Smart Code ($497 value)
Test your existing strategies with 85 individual Smashing False Breakouts conditions quickly and easily - just copy your strategy code into specific sections of the Smart Code template and it’s ready to go. That's it!

You could have your first strategy boosted by Smashing False Breakouts in 10-20 minutes, with almost no work (we've done all the coding for you. Code comes in EasyLanguage format).
Bonus #4: The Smashing False Breakouts
7-day Action Plan
We know your time is valuable, and you want to implement these powerful Smashing False Breakouts fast.

That’s why we've included this last bonus - a step-by-step action plan, that will complete the mission in just 7-days (and usually MUCH quicker).

Imagine how much more profitable your trading could be in only 7 days!
For a very limited time, you can secure
the ultimate solution to smashing false breakouts
for only $497 
(total value is $3,455 - that’s 86% OFF)!
Here's everything you get to reduce false breakouts and start implementing TODAY:
Just click on the button below. After payment is complete, you’ll automatically receive a welcome email, usually within just a few minutes, with your access details for the course.

If you have any questions about access, please contact our support team on [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Smashing False Breakouts?

Smashing False Breakouts is a revolutionary new program to reduce false breakouts and help traders avoid losses from false breakouts.

The Smashing False Breakouts course is based on the 4 levels of the "Breakout Timing Pyramid" and includes 14 powerful techniques to avoid false breakouts without curve fitting.

This is a completely NEW approach to improving breakout trading performance, that is not available anywhere else.

  Why do I need Smashing False Breakouts?

According to a survey of 398 traders, false breakouts are the biggest and most frustrating challenge for breakout traders.

False breakouts can generate losing trades that destroy a trading account.

Why continue taking losing trades from false breakouts when there are effective ways to reduce and avoid them?

  Who is this program for?

To be a good fit for the Smashing False Breakouts program, you are probably:
  • Looking to significantly grow your trading profits,
  • Seeking to create a sustainable and scalable trading business that can produce consistent profits in an market environment,
  • Recognize the value of a strong support network, mentorship and guidance from industry experts and like-minded traders,
  • Looking to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes by learning new techniques from experienced professionals,
  • ​Understand that sometimes you need to challenge traditional trading practices and try "outside the normal" approaches to get ahead of the crowd.

  Are there any prerequisites or prior knowledge required to enroll in this course?

You will get the most benefit from these techniques if you already have some trading experience and knowledge, and have also built your own trading strategies.

If you don't have any trading strategies, check out the The Breakout Revolution Bootcamp 

  What is the course format (e.g., online, in-person, self-paced, live sessions)?

The great thing about the Smashing False Breakouts program is you can enjoy it in many different formats.

The course is available online as a self-paced learning experience, in video, audio and written format. 

The private community is available 24/7.

  Do I need to know how to code or is the code provided? What format is it in?

The Smashing False Breakouts course includes all the code you need to implement the techniques into your own strategies quickly and easily.

The code is provided fully open, in EasyLanguage format, so you can see the code, implement it into your existing strategies or even update it if you wish.

Each line of the code is fully explained too, so if you prefer to use a different trading platform or language, you can easily replicate it in another platform.

  Does this work for small accounts?

Smashing False Breakouts techniques work for all account sizes.

It's a great way to grow a small account by reducing losses from false breakouts.

  What markets does this work for? Stocks, forex, futures?

These powerful techniques work in all markets, including stocks, futures, ETFs and Forex.

  What trading styles does this work for? Daytrading, swing trading?

These powerful techniques work for all trading styles, including daytrading and swing trading.

  How long does it take to complete the course?

The program is designed to help you leverage your available time to get the most out of the course without standing in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities.

You can go through the modules as quickly as you’d like, however it's possible to binge-watch the entire program in 2-3 hours and then it's up to you how fast you implement the techniques into your own trading strategies.

You get lifetime access to the program, so you can progress as quickly or slowly as you like. You can revisit the course content as many times as you want, with no restrictions.

  Who are the instructors or course creators, and what are their qualifications or expertise in the subject matter?

The Better Trader Academy founders, Tomas Nesnidal and Andrew Swanscott teach much of the content.

Both have over a decade of trading experience.

In 2017, Tomas launched his own Hedge Fund specializing in breakout trading techniques.

Andrew is the host of the Better System Trader podcast – the only podcast dedicated to systematic and algorithmic trading.

  Are there any opportunities for networking or collaboration with other students?

Yes! In the private Smashing False Breakouts community forum you have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded traders. 

  What is the cost of the course, and are there any discounts or payment plans available?

The investment for the Smashing False Breakouts program is $497. The total value of the program is $3,455, so this program already offers incredible value for the price.

We do not offer payment plans for this program.

  Do you offer refunds?

With our bullet-proof money back guarantee you don't need to risk anything!

Tomas' breakout trading techniques have already worked for hundreds of traders from 30+ countries. And we know it can work for you too.

That’s why we invite you to test drive the program 100% risk free for 14 days.

If after the first 2 modules you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on our promise, ask for a full and prompt refund.

It’s that simple!

The real question is this:

Is it worth investing a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what we’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start implementing these techniques, so click the button below to get access...

  I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly support team at: [email protected]
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