Stop wasting time creating trading strategies by hand...
...automate the entire process and create strategies while you sleep!
I've got something to share that could revolutionize your strategy creation process.

It leverages the power of the Breakout Masterclass framework and takes it to a higher new level.

Hi, it's Andrew Swanscott from Better System Trader here.

Being a trader for 10+ years, I understand that creating trading strategies can be hard work. It's easy to spend days, weeks and even months building trading strategies only to find they don't work.

The Breakout Strategies Masterclass provides a powerful process to build profitable breakout strategies.

We've even included time-saving tools like the 'BOS SmartCode' and the super handy 'BOS Tool'. These tools definitely make the most labor-intensive steps quicker and easier.

And I can tell you, the process works...

Really well...

In only a few months I've used the process to create more than 700+ breakout strategies. Across 20+ different markets. While hardly spending any time sitting at the computer.

In fact, I even built a bunch of trading strategies while I spent a week in the intensive care unit of the Royal Melbourne hospital.

How did I build dozens of trading strategies
while asleep in a hospital bed?

By automating the entire super-powerful Breakout Masterclass process.

And I mean 100% completely automated.

Check out the photo here of my trading servers working away. They're creating and testing new breakout trading strategies for me non-stop. 24 x 7.
While I'm asleep.

While I'm watching TV.

And even while I'm in hospital. (I'm ok now)

All I need to do is tell my 'strategy building machines' what markets and timeframes to start testing on. They work away and deliver me the results.

This has enabled me to create a large number of breakout trading strategies in a short amount of time.

In Breakout Masterclass coaching call #5 I shared the results of my automation project. I even suggested I may be willing to teach other traders how they can do it if there was enough interest...

Little did I know the response we would get!

After that coaching call, we were inundated with requests. A large percentage of the Masterclass students expressed interest in automating the process. Like these emails:
We had so much interest from traders wanting to build their own automation that we had to do something about it. So, we decided to create the 'Automated Strategy Development for Busy Traders' course.

In the course I share everything you need to automate your strategy creation process:
  • How to increase the speed of strategy creation using automation, and build strategies while you eat, sleep, exercise or work,
  • The building blocks you need to automate almost anything and the software I recommend to use,
  • How to automate popular tasks in Tradestation (and other trading platforms). Setting up charts. Attaching strategies. Running backtests. Analyzing backtest reports. Plus, much more, 
  • ​How to use Excel to control, manage and report on your strategy creation processes and results,
  • ​Common challenges (and solutions) to implementing automation. Includes tips for TradeStation, Multicharts and other common trading applications,
  • ​Practical tips to building a rock-solid automation that runs for months without intervention,
  • ​Plus, a whole lot more. 
This course is NOT about theory.

It's a highly practical course. You watch over my shoulder as I build the automation engines you need.

We designed the program to produce results fast.

We don’t get bogged down covering aspects of automation you don't need. The focus is only on the elements you need for trading now. (You can always go and learn all that other stuff another day, but you won’t need it!)  
Here's what Automation students are saying about the program
Students of the Automation program are achieving outstanding results. Even before they've finished the course. Like this feedback from Jim:
And here's some more feedback from Automation students:
What's included in the
Automated Strategy Development for Busy Traders program
The online program consists of 5 modules and 30+ video lessons. They're all designed to produce results fast:
  • Module 1 - Introduction to automation and getting started with the basics. 
  • Module 2 - Controlling software applications with automation. 
  • ​Module 3 - Advanced automation flow.
  • Module 4 - Managing automation using Excel . 
  • Module 5 - Troubleshooting and handling errors.
Each module contains a practical automation for you to create. Every automation script created in the program is available for you to download too.

Plus, each lesson includes video, mp3 audio, and written transcripts.
You also get access to these exclusive bonuses...
Bonus #1: Top 10 tips to create reliable automations
Want a reliable automation that runs non-stop without any issues for weeks or even months?

In this bonus training, I share my top 10 tips to create stable automations that run for weeks and even months without any issues, based on months of testing and implementation.
Bonus #2: Detecting when a TradeStation optimization has completed.
A super-reliable way to detect when the TradeStation optimization process has completed. 

This took me days and dozens of tests to figure out, but you'll have it working in minutes!
Bonus #3: Managing WFO files in Tradestation
If you want to run your Tradestation automation reliably, you need a way to manage all the Walk Forward files you'll be generating. 

In this bonus training you discover a simple trick to managing Walk Forward files in TradeStation. This one is a bit of a 'dirty hack' you never would have considered but it works like crazy!
Bonus #4: Extracting data from Strategy Performance Reports
Identify your best strategies quick and easily, by storing all the important backtest metrics in a central location for easy access.

No more worries about painful record keeping!
Bonus #5: Math Functions and Calculating Optimization Ranges
Use these advanced math functions to calculate Walk Forward Optimization ranges automatically. 

Adjust the ranges dynamically based on the number of optimization parameters.
Bonus #6: Processing WFO and CA Filters
The BOS Tool does a great job of assessing if a strategy passes Walk Forward and Robustness level tests, however with this bonus training and automation script you can speed up the process by incorporating those steps directly into your automation.
Bonus #7: Troubleshooting UI Elements
Automating elements like windows, buttons, menus, tabs etc can sometimes be tricky, especially in Tradestation. 

This can result in unreliable automations that are difficult to troubleshoot. In this bonus training I show you how to troubleshoot and solve common issues with automating these types of elements to create stable automations.
Bonus #8: Lifetime access to the exclusive Automated Strategy Development community forum
It's a great place to get help, discuss automation and share tips and techniques with like minded traders.
If you join Automated Strategy Development today,
you can get all of this for the special price of $1497
Just click on the button below. After payment is complete, you’ll automatically receive a welcome email, usually within just a few minutes, with your access details for the course.

If you have any questions about access, please contact our support team on [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Can I use the Breakout Masterclass without this Automation course?

You sure can. Everything you learn in the Masterclass is independent of the Automation course.

Think of the Automation course as an optional extension to the Masterclass. It can help you achieve results even faster, saving you hundreds of hours of work.

  I thought the Masterclass included tools for automation already, like the BOS Tool and the BOS Smart Code?"

Yes, the Masterclass does include the BOS Tool and BOS Smart Code. Both of these powerful tools which automate some of the process and will save you loads of time and effort.

The Automation course is an extra layer that sits above the Masterclass process. It can help you speed up the entire strategy creation and validation process even faster.

  What software do I need?

This course focuses on using PowerAutomate to automate the process, and all of the automation scripts provided as part of the Automation course are for PowerAutomate, however many students have taken the principles from the Automation course and used them with other automation programs they either already have experience with or prefer to use instead.

PowerAutomate is currently free at the time of writing.

  Will this work on other trading platforms that aren't Tradestation?

Yes. These automation techniques can be used on any trading platform, including Multicharts, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader etc.

The automation scripts that come in the Automation program were built mostly for Tradestation, however many of the scripts can be used on other trading platforms with a few adjustments.

  Do I need to know how to code or are the automation scripts provided? What format is it in?

The Automation Strategy Development course includes dozens of automation scripts you can use to create your own custom automation.

The code is provided fully open, in PowerAutomate format, so you can see the automation script code, and implement it into your existing strategy creation process to create your own custom automation just how you like it.

Each line of the automation scripts are fully explained, so if you prefer to use a different automation program you can easily replicate the steps in other software.

  What is the course format (e.g., online, in-person, self-paced, live sessions)?

The great thing about the Automation program is you can enjoy it in many different formats.

The course is available online as a self-paced learning experience, in video, audio and written format. 

The private community is available 24/7.

  How long does it take to complete the course?

The program is designed to help you leverage your available time to get the most out of the course without standing in the way of your day-to-day responsibilities.

You can go through the modules as quickly as you’d like, however it's possible to binge-watch the entire program in 3-4 hours and then it's up to you how fast you implement the techniques into your own trading.

You get lifetime access to the program, so you can progress as quickly or slowly as you like. You can revisit the course content as many times as you want, with no restrictions.

  Who are the instructors or course creators, and what are their qualifications or expertise in the subject matter?

The Better Trader Academy founders, Tomas Nesnidal and Andrew Swanscott teach much of the content.

Both have over a decade of trading experience and have completely automated their strategy creation processes.

In 2017, Tomas launched his own Hedge Fund specializing in breakout trading techniques.

Andrew is the host of the Better System Trader podcast – the only podcast dedicated to systematic and algorithmic trading.

  Are there any opportunities for networking or collaboration with other students?

Yes! In the private Trading Market Internals community forum you have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded traders. 

  What is the cost of the course, and are there any discounts or payment plans available?

The investment for the Automated Strategy Development for Busy Traders program is $1497. This represents tremendous value when you consider the huge impact and effort saved from automating your entire strategy creation process.

We do not currently offer payment plans for this program, however if you'd like to discuss payment options, contact our friendly support team at: [email protected]

  Do you offer refunds?

With our bullet-proof money back guarantee you don't need to risk anything!

These automation techniques have worked for me. They've worked for lots of other automation students. And we know they can work for you too.

That’s why we invite you to test drive the program 100% risk free for 14 days.

If after the first 2 modules or 14 days, whichever comes first, you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on our promise, ask for a full and prompt refund.

It’s that simple!

The real question is this:

Is it worth investing a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what we’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start implementing these techniques, so click the button below to get access...

  I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly support team at: [email protected]

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