Professional Fund Manager and inventor of Walk Forward Analysis shares the trading secrets he has used to extract millions from the markets for himself and his clients...

... and these techniques can be used by all traders, big and small, even you!

Whether you’re a hedge fund manager, a private trader, a beginner or a professional, you still need a proven framework that gives you full confidence your strategies will work in live trading…

Dear traders,

How many times have you secretly asked yourself this question before putting your money into a trading strategy? 

Am I doing the right thing or is this strategy going to fail and lose me money? 

Don’t worry, many traders asks this same question. 

It’s natural. 

We all know that one small mistake - and you can lose your money very quickly. 

We’ve all experienced the pain of loss, the discomfort of possible failure. 

Trading can be very tough and the odds against us are, in fact, shockingly high. 

For example, here is one unfortunate reality: 

Mr. Ronald L. Johnson prepared a report for the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA, a consumer protection group trying to keep the futures industry honest) on the success of retail traders. In his study, Ronald L. Johnson found that almost 70% of traders lose money. 
But we’ve all heard the rumours from brokers and the media. This number could be MUCH higher (90% or more) and there seems to be some truth in it. 

Simply put - nobody wants to end up trading this, but many do:

Even if 90% of all traders fail, have you ever wondered what the remaining 10% are doing to be so successful?

Multi award-winning hedge fund manager Robert Pardo, from Pardo Capital has been successfully developing and trading strategies for almost 40 years...

...and these are some of the results he's been able to achieve using simple techniques that you too can implement in just a few hours.

Let's start with Robert Pardo´s audited results. His XT99 trading program outperformed the major indexes many times over: 
BarclayHedge placed Robert Pardo’s XT99 program in the Top 4 CTA/money managers over 10 years:
But that’s not all.

A powerful framework can produce truly extraordinary results:

In 2008, Robert Pardo was crowned Futures magazines "Trader of the Year" with an amazing +142.02% return.

Plus he was #2 in the Top 20 CTA list according to Barclay Managed Funds:

Besides all that top success, Robert Pardo was also a consultant for Goldman Sachs. That's one of the biggest, multi-billion dollar, ‘money printing machines’ in the world!

So, let's sum it up:
- Proven, audited results.
- Award-winning performance.
- Global recognition.
- Unshakable trading confidence.

That’s all in the power of owning a cutting-edge strategy creation framework you can truly believe in.

Robert Pardo has done it all - but the important thing to remember is…

...when he started, he wasn't much different to you!

Imagine how your life would change if you could produce similar results (and you can)… 

You could:

...leave that dead-end job you can’t stand any more... handing in your notice to your boss….

….produce a stable second income where you can afford that new car, pay off your mortgage quicker, travel the world….

...enjoy the freedom to do whatever you like during the day - go for a run, watch a movie, take the kids to the park, enjoy the sunshine... 

Robert Pardo’s proven framework can you get closer to these goals than ever before

In fact, traders from around the world are already using some of Bob's techniques.

These traders include World Cup Trading champions, hedge funds, money managers, and private traders too.

But… that still doesn't guarantee results!

Because there is so much more to Robert Pardo’s trading success than the techniques he’s already published:

- Are you familiar with how to use Robert Pardo’s ‘Walk Forward Matrix’ (WFM)?
- Do you know all the details behind his recently updated 9-step framework?
- Do you know how his method ‘The Big Leap’ can be used to instantly confirm if a strategy is worth investigating further?

The answer is probably not… because he’s never shared it before!

But he’s ready to reveal it now!

So, are you ready to discover the know-how behind Robert Pardo’s incredible long-term success?

If your answer is YES…

...we’re inviting you to join us in Robert Pardo’s Masterclass! 

Robert Pardo’s Masterclass is different to any other trading Masterclass available. And it's much more valuable than a copy of his book. 

Let’s prove it.

We’ve already showed you some of Robert Pardo´s audited results, which confirm that Bob has a lot to teach other traders.

But even though the results are pretty incredible already...
...that’s still not all.

Here's an equity curve of Robert Pardo´s latest trading program, ‘Pardo Renaissance’. This trading program leverages all of his LATEST tricks and techniques you can't find anywhere else:
Take a look again:

- Money flowing steadily.
- Consistent returns with almost no drawdowns.
- Out-of-sample results closely matching in-sample performance

This is something you would struggle to find anywhere else.

Even if you’ve already done other trading courses, they were probably not backed by:

- a long-term, proven track record with audited results,
- multiple award-winning trading achievements,
- an industry pioneer that introduced techniques now used by many of the world's top traders and money managers,
- high-level consultancy to companies like Goldman Sachs,
- and a trading and strategy development career spanning almost 40 years.

Simply put:

Robert Pardo’s Masterclass is NOT just "another trading course". 

This is how Robert Pardo is going to teach you the EXACT framework he uses to consistently extract money from the markets and how you can too…

MODULE #1: Robert Pardo presents his 9-step Strategy Development Process for creating trading strategies that actually work in live trading.

- Why robustness is a key aspect of trading and how ignoring it will destine you to trading failure.

- Why you MUST have a proven strategy development process to follow. Get this wrong and you’ll waste time and money trying to trade strategies that just won’t work.

- The step-by-step process Robert Pardo uses to create trading strategies for his fund Pardo Capital and his private clients. This process has taken Bob almost 40 years to refine and he’s going to give it to you in less than 40 minutes! 

MODULE #2: How to approach optimization properly so you don’t ruin your trading strategies. 

- Optimization can make a strategy better but used incorrectly can also make it worse - Bob shares his framework to using optimization... the right way.

- How to pick the best optimization parameters, ranges, resolutions and market history. Make your strategy come alive, instead of sending it to the graveyard.

- How to analyze the ‘Optimization Space’. Uncover important details about a trading strategy hidden in those optimization results. 

MODULE #3: How to evaluate your trading strategy properly to save your account from the risks of over-optimization. 

- Overfitting can instantly destroy a trading strategy without you even knowing it. Identify these warning signs before you risk your money trading it.

- The Top 5 causes of overfitting - any one of these can lead to catastrophic strategy failure so know what to look out for before it’s too late.

- Bob's powerful solutions to crush overfitting. Build good quality trading strategies you can have total confidence in. 

MODULE #4: Advanced techniques to confirm you’re putting your money behind the right strategy before you actually start trading it.

- All about Walk Forward Analysis. Who better to learn it from than the man who invented and pioneered it’s use in trading strategies, Bob Pardo!

- How to avoid common mistakes traders make with Walk Forward Analysis. Discover how to set it up properly. This includes how to select the right length of time, the minimum number of Walk Forward periods and the best number of parameters to optimize.

- The performance numbers Bob uses to determine which optimization results are best. And the one popular metric that's flawed and should NOT be used. You may be surprised by the answer! 

MODULE #5: How to protect and grow your trading account using Robert Pardo’s ‘Walk Forward Matrix’ technique, Optimization Space analysis and real-time monitoring.

- “It’s entirely possible that a Walk Forward test can be positive purely by chance”. Bob explains his ‘Walk Forward Matrix’ technique. Use this to really understand a trading strategy much more than a single Walk Forward test can ever do.

- How to evaluate a trading strategy using the 'Optimization Space'. These simple steps will quickly tell you if a strategy is worth your time or you should put it in the bin and start again.

- How to monitor the real-time performance of a trading strategy and quickly identify the warning signs it could be failing - miss these tell-tale signs and you could lose a lot of money... fast! 

Join the 'Building Robust Strategies Masterclass' right NOW and you’ll also get these 8 exclusive bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Practical Walkthrough 1 -
Moving Average strategy ($1000 value)

It’s not enough to talk you through the process and show you a bunch of slides.

These first 2 bonuses are going to take it to the next level of relentlessly actionable content!

You won’t just learn the latest insights here. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to integrate them into your own trading fast.

Watch over Bob’s shoulder as we test a moving average strategy using Bob’s strategy development process so you can see it in action.

We’ll run the tests, analyze the results, and you’ll see exactly what Bob is looking for in each step.

Plus, he shares some extra insights that only come from applying the process.

This will solidify your knowledge once you see the process in action - you can’t get that from a book!

All code and results are included for total transparency so you can really dig deep to understand it. 

FREE BONUS #2: Practical Walkthrough 1 -
Filtered High/Low Breakout Strategy ($1000 value)

In bonus #2 Bob goes through the entire process step-by-step, using a high/low breakout strategy with a twist.

We chose his strategy because it has very different performance results to the Moving Average strategy in Bonus #1. So, you can see how different results trigger different actions in the process.

Plus, Bob shares an advanced testing concept called the 'Branching Process'. With this process you can test dozens of different strategy variations fast.

All code and results are included for total transparency so you can really dig deep into it and understand it.

FREE BONUS #3: 4 x Recorded Group Coaching
Calls by Bob Pardo ($2000 value)

In these recorded group coaching calls, you can listen along as Bob Pardo answers trading questions submitted by previous students of the Masterclass.

Gain additional insights as other traders bust through their trading challenges.

Get advanced tips for your own strategy development as Bob helps other traders optimize their own trading too.

FREE BONUS #4: Windfall profits audio
with Robert Pardo ($247 value)

We’ve all heard stories of traders making a huge amount of money fast.

Perhaps they’re in a leveraged position that makes a parabolic move upwards like the DotCom bubble in 2000.

Or perhaps they’re shorting in a market meltdown, like the market crash of 2008 during the banking and real-estate collapses.

Do you know what often happens to those traders over the following months?

They lose all their gains… and much more!

This is a very real problem, that isn’t discussed much. Most traders never want to even admit to it, because of the feelings of guilt, shame and failure.

But what would you do if that was you?

How do you know if you should keep trading for even more profits or pull-back to save yourself from heavy losses?

Listen in on this ‘behind the scenes’ chat with industry veteran Bob Pardo on how to handle windfall profits.

This short audio recording could be one of the most valuable lessons you ever hear if it happens to you. 

FREE BONUS #5: Building Robust Trading
Strategies Short Course ($297 value)

This is NOT a short version of Robert Pardo´s Masterclass.

This video training will give you even MORE knowledge on building bullet-proof trading strategies!
7 great lessons on additional robustness tips, tricks and practical implementation.

- Lesson 1: System Premise. Does a trading strategy have to make logical sense to work in the future?

- Lesson 2: Sample size. Is a large sample size a guarantee of robustness? How many trades do we actually need in a backtest?

- Lesson 3: Degrees of freedom. How does the number of parameters in a strategy impact robustness? What are the dangers we need to watch out for?

- Lesson 4: Optimization. This is a huge topic. There are a number of pitfalls to consider, we cover loads of optimization tips right here.

- Lesson 5: Data use. There are lots of different opinions on how we should use historical data effectively in testing. Listen to the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself.

- Lesson 6: Walk Forward Analysis. Some extra info on Walk Forward Analysis, including a guest appearance from Bob Pardo!

- Lesson 7: Monte Carlo Analysis. A deep-dive on Monte Carlo Analysis, including a number of ways you can use it in your own trading. 

FREE BONUS #6: Market Internals
Quick Start Course ($397 value)

Imagine if you could have 2 trading 'super-powers'.

One - the knowledge to build robust strategies that actually work in live trading.

And two - the knowledge to slash the drawdowns of your trading strategies. Without curve-fitting.
Wouldn't that be the perfect mix, helping you to achieve extraordinary results?

With this bonus you will discover a new approach that can help you to get even better trading results – fast.

Here is what you’ll find in the ‘Market Internals Quick Start’ course:

- Introduction to Market Internals. What it is and how it can boost the performance of your trading strategies fast.

- Market Internals case studies. See what Market Internals can achieve by comparing BEFORE vs AFTER results.

- Mini “Smart Code” (EasyLanguage and pdf formats). Start testing Market Internals with your strategies right away. Plug-in your strategy and go!

- “How to apply the Mini Smart Code to your trading strategies” instructional video. An exact step-by-step explanation so you can begin testing fast.

- Recorded Q&A session with exact step-by-step example of a Market Internals application. This session also includes some additional questions and answers regarding Market Internals implementation.

- Audio, transcripts and presentation files for immediate download. 

FREE BONUS #7: Optimization Profile Analysis video

Are you sure you’re not missing the bigger picture when it comes to optimization?

Optimization can be tricky, and even dangerous if you focus on one optimization set only.

By analyzing the entire optimization space you get a much clearer idea of how robust your strategy truly is. And it can indicate the probability your strategy may continue working in the future.

In this video Bob shares the 3 main components you need to look for when analyzing an optimization space.

You can do this in just a few minutes when you know exactly what to look for!

FREE BONUS #8: Walk Forward Software Video

There are a number of software options available for strategy development today.

Some are better than others.

In this bonus video we summarize 7 popular software packages you can use for Robert Pardo´s strategy development and Walk Forward Analysis techniques.
So let's a take another quick look at all the amazing content you will receive:
That's almost $10,000 worth of value but we’re not going to ask you to pay $10,000.

We’re not even going to charge $5,000, even though we should.

We know how tough trading can be, and we've been through the same challenges too.

There is so much poor-quality information out there, we want to set the record straight. And now everyone can benefit by having access to this valuable information..
...and if you decide to act right NOW, your total investment comes to only $997 USD (instead of $9,941). 
And it doesn't matter what kind of a trader you are to take full advantage of this incredible Masterclass!

- Works with Stocks, Forex, Futures, ETFs and CFDs.
- Works for daytraders, swing traders and anything else.
- Works for daily bars and any other type of bars.

Are you ready to change your trading and your life with this proven, complete solution?
Enrolment closes in:
You have 3 choices right now...
You’re probably aware there are things you can improve to become a more successful and profitable trader faster.

Do you really have all the time and resources to keep doing the same things over and over, getting the same results?

Or do you want to take the fast-track to your full potential - TODAY?

Why keep postponing success? 
It took Bob almost 40 years to develop and fine-tune this framework for the greatest results.

With a copy of his book you might reduce that by a few years. But, with Robert Pardo´s Masterclass you get exclusive information he has NOT published anywhere else.

Not even in his book.

Making it impossible to re-engineer.

Do you really want to spend years of your life trying to work it out for yourself? Or would you like to compress 40 years of Bob’s trading knowledge and experience into just a few hours? 
With our bullet-proof money back guarantee
you don't need to risk anything! 
Robert Pardo's teaching and framework has worked for so many traders already and we know it can work for you too. 

That’s why we invite you to test drive the program 100% risk free for 30 days. 

If after the first three modules you don’t feel like we’ve delivered on our promise, ask for a full and prompt refund. 

It’s that simple. 

The real question is this: Is it worth investing a few minutes of your time to check this out? 

Even if it only does HALF of what we’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you start implementing these techniques, so...        
Act right now and your total investment comes to
only $997 USD (instead of $9,941). 
Here's what students are saying:

"The Masterclass is great."

“The Robust Strategies Masterclass is great. It is amazing that Tomas and Andrew were able to get the creator of Walk-forward Analysis himself to create the course with them. Bob Pardo has a powerful system; Tomas and Andrew are really great for being able to bring this content to strategy developers.”

- Sherif, U.S.

""Bob Pardo system development process is really great."

The way Bob Pardo describes the trading system development process is a really great process to follow because it gives you structure and it stops you tinkering endlessly. That’s what kills you because you end up with an over-optimized curve-fit model that may look great in a back test, but it just doesn’t work in real-time trading.”

- Adrian Reid, Singapore

"The most detailed, comprehensive course I've ever bought."

This course goes above and beyond in content and presentation. It is everything a systematic trader needs to build and test a robust trading system…
This is the most detailed fully comprehensive trading course I think I ever purchased. I am so pleased I have this course in my tool kit now. A big thank you to Bob and Andrew for all their efforts in producing this magnificent course.”

- Dean, Australia
Frequently Asked Questions

  Is this for my style of trading?

This framework applies to all markets and all styles of systematic trading.

So, whether you’re a stock trader, a futures trader, a forex trader, or any other type or style of trader, this process applies to you.

  The masterclass seems to me that most of the teachings will be a revision of Pardo’s books. How is this course different to his book?

Bob Pardo's book was originally published almost 25 years ago.

Since then he has improved his process significantly.

Plus, he's developed new applications, like ‘The Big Leap’ and the ‘Walk Forward Matrix’.

While the book and videos we’ve shared are an excellent reference, there is so much more Bob has to share. The only place Bob shares it is in this Masterclass (or you can get his private consulting for $1000 USD per hour).

  What level of programming competence is required for the masterclass?

There are no programming requirements for the workshop.

  Will I need to purchase additional software in/for the workshop?

No. This framework is universal and not dependent on any specific software. You're welcome to use your existing software if it has the recommended functionality.

There is no requirement to purchase software demonstrated in the Masterclass series. But, we do include a bonus video of suggested software in the course.

  Robustness is not a key criterion for me. At the moment I am more interested in building a system from scratch.

If you think robustness is not a key criterion, then go through any trading forum and you will see the main frustration of the majority of traders is:

They create a trading strategy that looks great in a backtest but when they trade it with real money it doesn’t work as expected.

It loses money.

If fails.


Because robust testing procedures were not incorporated into the development process. The results are poor strategies with very low (almost zero) expectancy trading them live.

Trading these type of strategies is a guaranteed way to lose money.

Robustness is a critical component of strategy development. It should be a key criterion for ALL serious traders from the very beginning.

  My biggest concern is, that when you show worldwide how you trade, what are your techniques and other stuff around building of robust strategy, how long in the future will it work?

No trading strategy lasts forever.

That's why it’s so important to learn a process to create your own strategies without the fear they will fail soon after you start trading them.

This Masterclass will teach you that, and how to do it properly to increase your chances of success.

  What platform will be used for all the testing? What platform will be used for all the auto trading? What asset class (Fx, com, stocks, ETF) can we use this development skill?

The framework and techniques Bob teaches are universal.

They can be used on ANY platform and ANY market.

Once you have these skills you can literally use it anywhere (in trading that is).

  I read the agenda and decided to re-engineer each topic myself from my own resources. Time will tell if I made the right choice.

First of all, Robert Pardo has been refining this process for almost 40 years. Proper re-engineering with all the necessary details could take you years.

Do you really want to spend years trying to work it out yourself? Or would you like to compress 40 years of knowledge and experience into a few hours?

Secondly, in the Masterclass Bob shares information he has not published anywhere else. This makes it impossible to re-engineer.

  I have done many courses and although Pardo is quite famous and I am sure I could learn something the content of the course seems to me like covering basic/intermediate principle that I believe to know already. I am honestly searching for courses that could be useful only for person with at least 4/5+ years of experience in Automated Trading Systems and IMO there is a real lack of these.

Whether you’re a trader with 4 years experience or 24 years of experience, there is always more to learn.
So how about learning from a trader with almost 40 years of experience?

There is an even bigger lack of traders with this length of track record - and now you have a rare opportunity to learn directly from one...

A master trader with a proven, long-term verifiable track record, exceptional performance, and a willingness to share how he does it.

How many other courses can offer this? 

  What if I buy and want a refund? What’s the policy?

If after watching the first three lessons you are unhappy with the program, email customer support and you will receive a full and prompt refund.

  Is Bob available to skype, email or call to brainstorm or ask questions?

One on one coaching is not part of this course, but you can contact Bob for more details:

 Do you have to come with a system in mind to work on, optimize & test or does he help you develop a system?

You do not need to come with a system in mind.

In the Masterclass you will learn a process to test any ideas and systems you can come up with.

You will see how Bob uses the process too. 
Enrolment closes in:
DISCLAIMER: Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. People can and do lose money. 
Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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